About Verjen

The term “vegetable oil young” became popular in Iranian culture when industrial oils were supplied extensively in the Iranian market and people came to believe that older people who had consumed virgin and non-industrial oils had more power, health, and strength than those young people who ate foods prepared by industrial oils. The term may seem a bit exaggerated, but it’s not far from the truth.

In 1987, Abkar-e Golestan Agro-Industrial Company with the brand “Verjen” started to combine the traditional methods of extracting oil from the high-quality seeds with the best hygienic techniques (cold-pressing) to supply extra-virgin oils for the first time at the national level. The name Verjen has been derived from a Persian word meaning “virgin and pure”, and the word Abkar is the plural form of the word Bekr meaning “virgin”.

Due to the high experience of managers, the presence of specialized personnel, and equipping the company with modern agricultural machinery and equipment, all stages of farming, production, packaging, and distribution are conducted autonomously by the company, and it can be claimed that the label production is the only stage of the packaging process that is conducted by forces outside the complex.

The company has provided the results of years of its experience and expertise for consumers in the form of 100% pure vegetable oils with a completely natural flavor and aroma. The extra-virgin oils can be considered a good alternative to traditional oils.

Verjen is not only a brand, but it is also a symbol of health that strives to promote the culture of proper use of extra-virgin oils to make maximum use of the nutritional value of natural seeds and ensure the health of the community. The taste and aroma of Iranian foods are doubled with vegetable oils and the right culture of consumption prevents diseases.

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